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Date Presented by Article
2024.2.8 Reona Tanimura Amelioration of Autoimmunity in a Lupus Mouse Model by Modulation of T-Bet-Promoted Energy Metabolism in Pathogenic Age/Autoimmune-Associated B Cells.
Arthritis Rheumatol. 75(7):1203-1215,2023
2024.2.1 Hiromitsu Asashima Bona fide dendritic cells are pivotal precursors for osteoclasts.
Antonia Puchner,et al.
Ann Rheum Dis,2023(Online ahead of print.)
2024.1.25 Yuya Kondo Sensory neurons promote immune homeostasis in the lung.
Masato Tamari,et al.
2023.12.21 Satoshi Akao Activation of the pentose phosphate pathway in macrophages is crucial for granuloma formation in sarcoidosis.
Satoshi Nakamizo,et al.
J Clin Invest.133(23):e171088,2023
2023.12.14 Saori Abe Autoantibodies against type I IFNs in humans with alternative NF-κB pathway deficiency.
Tom Le Voyer,et al.
2023.12.7 Taihei Nishiyama Resident regulatory T cells reflect the immune history of individual lymph nodes.
Anne Kaminski,et al.
Sci Immunol.8(89):eadj5789,2023
2023.11.16 Hirofumi Toko Lrig1-expression confers suppressive function to CD4+ cells and is essential for averting autoimmunity via the Smad2/3/Foxp3 axis.
Jae-Seung Moon,et al.
Nat Commun.14(1):5382,2023
2023.11.9 Ayako Kitada Pregnancy-induced changes to the gut microbiota drive macrophage pyroptosis and exacerbate septic inflammation.
Xia Chen,et al.
2023.11.2 Ryota Sato Interferon-γ production by Tfh cells is required for CXCR3+ pre-memory B cell differentiation and subsequent lung-resident memory B cell responses.
Nicole M Arroyo-Díaz,et al.
2023.10.26 Ayako Ohyama The CD4+ T cell repertoire specific for citrullinated peptides shows evidence of immune tolerance.
Matthew K McElwee,et al.
J Exp Med.220(12):e20230209,2023
2023.10.19 Haruka Miki Mural cell-derived chemokines provide a protective niche to safeguard vascular macrophages and limit chronic inflammation.
Kami Pekayvaz,et al.
2023.10.12 Reona Tanimura Ezh2 Knockout in B Cells Impairs Plasmablast Differentiation and Ameliorates Lupus-like Disease in MRL/lpr Mice.
Xiaoqing Zheng,et al.
Arthritis Rheumatol.75(8):1395-1406,2023
2023.9.28 Hiromitsu Asashima Identification of human exTreg cells as CD16+CD56+ cytotoxic CD4+ T cells.
Antoine Freuchet,et al.
Nat Immunol.24(10):1748-1761,2023
2023.9.21 Saori Abe Spatiotemporal resolution of germinal center Tfh cell differentiation and divergence from central memory CD4+ T cell fate.
Fangming Zhu, et al.
Nat Commun.14(1):3611,2023
2023.7.27 Taihei Nishiyama PD-L1 checkpoint blockade promotes regulatory T cell activity that underlies therapy resistance.
Mandy van Gulijk,et al.
Sci Immunol.8(83):eabn6173,2023
2023.7.20 Ryota Sato Intrinsic B cell TLR-BCR linked coengagement induces class-switched, hypermutated, neutralizing antibody responses in absence of T cells.
Carlos E Rivera,et al.
Sci Adv.9(17):eade8928,2023
2023.7.13 Hirofumi Toko How autoreactive thymocytes differentiate into regulatory versus effector CD4+ T cells after avoiding clonal deletion.
Xuguang Tai,et al.
Nat Immunol. 24(4):637-651,2023
2023.7.6 Ayako Kitada Drivers of heterogeneity in synovial fibroblasts in rheumatoid arthritis.
Melanie H Smith,et al
Nat Immunol.24(7):1200-1210,2023
2023.6.29 Ayako Ohyama Rewilding of laboratory mice enhances granulopoiesis and immunity through intestinal fungal colonization.
Ying-Han Chen,et al.
Sci Immunol.8(84):eadd6910,2023
2023.6.15 Haruka Miki A human model of asthma exacerbation reveals transcriptional programs and cell circuits specific to allergic asthma.
Jehan Alladina,et al.
Sci Immunol. 8(83):eabq6352,2023
2023.6.8 Reona Tanimura Autoimmunity in Down’s syndrome via cytokines, CD4 T cells and CD11c+ B cells.
Louise Malle,et al.
2023.6.1 Hiromitsu Asashima Clonally expanded, thyrotoxic effector CD8+ T cells driven by IL-21 contribute to checkpoint inhibitor thyroiditis.
Melissa G Lechner,et al.
Sci Transl Med.15(696):eadg0675,2023
2023.5.11 Taihei Nishiyama Human T follicular helper clones seed the germinal center-resident regulatory pool.
Carole Le Coz,et al.
Sci Immunol. 8(82):eade8162,2023
2023.3.16 Hirofumi Toko Regulatory T cells suppress CD4+ effector T cell activation by controlling protein synthesis.
Lomon So,et al.
J Exp Med.220(3):e20221676,2023
2023.3.9 Ryota Sato Elevated transferrin receptor impairs T cell metabolism and function in systemic lupus erythematosus.
Kelsey Voss,et al.
Sci Immunol.8(79):eabq0178,2023
2023.3.2 Ayako Kitada The phosphatase PTEN links platelets with immune regulatory functions of mouse T follicular helper cells.
Xue Chen,et al.
Nat Commun.13(1):2762,2022
2023.2.9 Ayako Ohyama Cytotoxic CD8+ T cells target citrullinated antigens in rheumatoid arthritis.
Jae-Seung Moon,et al.
Nat Commun.14(1):319,2023
2023.2.2 Haruka Miki Allergenic food protein consumption is associated with systemic IgG antibody responses in non-allergic individuals.
Sigal Leviatan,et al.
2023.1.26 Reona Tanimura IL-17-producing follicular Th cells enhance plasma cell differentiation in lupus-prone mice.
Vera Kim,et al.
JCI Insight. 7(11):e157332,2022
2023.1.19 Hiromitsu Asashima Epiregulin is a dendritic cell-derived EGFR ligand that maintains skin and lung fibrosis.
Ian D Odell,et al.
Sci Immunol. 7(78):eabq6691,2022
2023.1.12 Taihei Nishiyama Aging-associated HELIOS deficiency in naive CD4+ T cells alters chromatin remodeling and promotes effector cell responses.
Huimin Zhang,et al.
Nat Immunol. 24(1):96-109,2023
2022.12.22 Hirofumi Toko Single-cell transcriptome profiling and chromatin accessibility reveal an exhausted regulatory CD4+ T cell subset in systemic lupus erythematosus.
Chuang Guo,et al.
Cell Rep. 41(6):111606,2022
2022.12.15 Yuya Kondo Lymphatic migration of unconventional T cells promotes site-specific immunity in distinct lymph nodes.
Marco A Ataide,et al.
2022.12.1 Tamaki Iwai ETS1 governs pathological tissue-remodeling programs in disease-associated fibroblasts.
Minglu Yan,et al.
Nat Immunol. 23(9):1330-1341,2022
2022.11.24 Ryota Sato Human T-bet governs the generation of a distinct subset of CD11chighCD21low B cells.
Rui Yang,et al.
Sci Immunol.7(73):eabq3277,2022
2022.11.17 Ayako Ohyama Single-cell profiling reveals distinct adaptive immune hallmarks in MDA5+ dermatomyositis with therapeutic implications.
Yan Ye,et al.
Nat Commun. 13(1):6458,2022
2022.11.10 Haruka Miki Single-cell immunoprofiling after immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis reveals functional suppression of pathogenic TH2 cells and clonal conversion.
Tomohisa Iinuma,et al.
J Allergy Clin Immunol.150(4):850-860,2022
2022.10.27 Ayako Kitada Single-cell RNA-seq reveals cell type-specific molecular and genetic associations to lupus.
Richard K Perez,et al.
2022.10.20 Reona Tanimura Genetic dissection of TLR9 reveals complex regulatory and cryptic proinflammatory roles in mouse lupus.
Claire Leibler,et al.
Nat Immunol.23(10):1457-1469,2022
2022.9.29 Taihei Nishiyama Differences in CD80 and CD86 transendocytosis reveal CD86 as a key target for CTLA-4 immune regulation.
Alan Kennedy,et al.
Nat Immunol. 23(9):1365-1378,2022
2022.9.22 Hirofumi Toko Single cell sequencing identifies clonally expanded synovial CD4 + T PH cells expressing GPR56 in rheumatoid arthritis.
Alexandra Argyriou,et al.
Nat Commun.13(1):4046,2022
2022.9.15 Tamaki Iwai Jmjd1c demethylates STAT3 to restrain plasma cell differentiation and rheumatoid arthritis.
Yuye Yin,et al.
Nat Immunol.23(9):1342-1354,2022
2022.9.8 Hiromitsu Asashima Granzyme K + CD8 T cells form a core population in inflamed human tissue.
A Helena Jonsson,et al.
Sci Transl Med. 14(649):eabo0686,2022
2022.7.28 Ryota Sato Tfh cells with NLRP3 inflammasome activation are essential for high-affinity antibody generation, germinal centre formation and autoimmunity.
Zhenhuan Zhao,et al.
Ann Rheum Dis. 81(7):1006-1012,2022
2022.7.21 Ayako Ohyama Single-cell transcriptomic analysis identifies an immune-prone population in erythroid precursors during human ontogenesis.
Changlu Xu,et al.
Nat Immunol. 23(7):1109-1120,2022
2022.7.14 Reona Tanimura Loss of CD11b Accelerates Lupus Nephritis in Lyn-Deficient Mice Without Disrupting Glomerular Leukocyte Trafficking.
Timothy A Gottschalk, et al.
Front Immunol.13:875359,2022
2022.7.7 Haruka Miki Cross-tissue, single-cell stromal atlas identifies shared pathological fibroblast phenotypes in four chronic inflammatory diseases.
Ilya Korsunsky, et al.
Med. 3(7):481-518,2022
2022.6.30 Ayako Kitada Auxilin is a novel susceptibility gene for congenital heart block which directly impacts fetal heart function.
Sabrina Meisgen et al.
Ann Rheum Dis.81(8):1151-1161,2022
2022.6.9 Taihei Nishiyama Cytoplasmic DNA sensing by KU complex in aged CD4 + T cell potentiates T cell activation and aging-related autoimmune inflammation.
Yan Wang, et al.
2022.6.2 Hirofumi Toko KIR + CD8 + T cells suppress pathogenic T cells and are active in autoimmune diseases and COVID-19.
Jing Li, et al.
2022.5.26 Tamaki Iwai Natural Killer Cells Infiltration in the Joints Exacerbates Collagen-Induced Arthritis.
Lisheng Wu, et al.
Front Immunol. 13:860761,2022
2022.5.12 Reona Tanimura TLR7 gain-of-function genetic variation causes human lupus.
Grant J Brown, et al.
Nature. 605(7909):349-356,2022
2022.3.10 Tamaki Iwai PD-1 agonism by anti-CD80 inhibits T cell activation and alleviates autoimmunity.
Daisuke Sugiura, et al.

Nat Immunol. 23(3):399-410,2022
Taihei Nishiyama Follicular T cells optimize the germinal center response to SARS-CoV-2 protein vaccination in mice.
Cecilia B Cavazzoni, et al.
Cell Rep. 38(8):110399,2022
2022.2.17 Hirofumi Toko The CD6/ALCAM pathway promotes lupus nephritis via T cell-mediated responses.
Samantha A Chalmers, et al.
J Clin Invest. 132(1):e147334,2022
2022.2.10 Fumika Honda Mitochondrial aspartate regulates TNF biogenesis and autoimmune tissue inflammation.
Bowen Wu, et al.
Nat Immunol. 22(12):1551-1562,2021
2022.2.3 Yuya Kondo Development of Tbet- and CD11c-expressing B cells in a viral infection requires T follicular helper cells outside of germinal centers.
Wenzhi Song, et al.
Immunity. 55(2):290-30,2022